i have been collecting pez dispensers since 1993. sue sternfeld introduced me at the time to the hobby of collecting pez dispensers. what really caught my fascination was attending the first pez auction ever at christie's east in new york in 1993 where sue sold several lots of pez dispensers, one of them at an astonishing price of more than $1,000 !

many things have changed since then. sue sternfeld changed her name to sue whellis, prices for pez dispensers have skyrocketed and auctioning pez (now on the Internet through ebay) has become business as usual. what has remained unchanged over the years is my passion for collecting pez dispensers. my personal collection has grown to several hundred dispensers and I have a large selection of pez dispensers for sale.

besides pez dispensers I'm also collecting kinder eggs. i have started collecting these several years ago when i lived in europe where the kinder eggs are extremely popular. but my real fever erupted when i moved to the us where kinder eggs are unavailable. luckily with the help of the internet you can now get anything anywhere. should you be one of us less fortunate living in the us, check out my kinder eggs for sale section !

if you have any questions about the hobby of collecting pez dispensers or kinder eggs feel free to contact me at patrik@turbokids.com.

patrik gerber, 'the swiss guy'

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