Name Price Remarks
pez wrapper booklet $20 this is a colorful two-page flyer from germany which the children used to glue in a total of 50 pez wrappers in exchange against a free dispenser of their choice (size is 4.5" x 6.5").
set of 10 stickers from 70's $35 see also richard geary's 'pez collectibles' on page 73.
german yps magazine 1996 w/ pez premium $15 this is the edition of the weekly german yps magazine for kids which came out in 1996 with a pez premium ('gimmick') featuring the fred flintstone pez dispenser and a tarzan body part. the item is mint in package, never opened. this is a real rarity since this was only available for one week in 1996 ! this is the same magazine which included the famous pif dispenser as a premium in the 80's.

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