name price remarks
batman, two tone, w/f, moc $12 small black head, blue base, mint on orange card
charlie brown, w/f, MOC $18 red tongue, 4.9 stem, austria
charlie brown, w/f, MOC $20 frown, 4.9, austria
donkey whistle, w/f $8 red 4.9 stem, slovenia
jerry, w/f $22 painted eyes, plastic mouth piece, 3.9, austria
mowgli, w/f $20 yellow 3.9 stem, yugoslavia
panda a whistle, w/f, mib $28 removable eyes
penguin whistle, w/f $8 blue 4.9 stem
road runner b, w/f, moc $15 blue 4.9 stem
smurfette, w/f $12 painted eyes, blue 3.9 stem, austria
spike, w/f $4 red 4.9 sten, austria
tom B, w/f $10 plastic mouth/nose, red 4.9 stem
tuffy A, w/f $10 plastic mouth/nose, red 4.9 stem
tyke A, w/f $45 painted eyes

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